New review: Your name 01.10.2017

To say that I liked this cartoon — to say nothing over the last few years, this is the best animated story I’ve seen. At first glance, the anime uses already familiar to the viewer narrative techniques: body swap, game time and more, but as you view the events are twisted in such a way as to imagine such simply difficult. Such fresh ideas, flow, narrative… This is a brilliant creation, which would later become classics.

The concept of Love, of Time, of Fate, get here a completely new interpretation, one of the best for me.

Is there true love and if so, how does it look? Why He and She love each other? Ordained their first meeting fate? To these eternal questions, there are no rational answers, but this film is feeling the emotion through the magical and incredibly moving, beautiful event shows how you would answer them. The end is just the beginning of the story the two main characters and what is happening to this does not give any description, must see. Honestly, I was amazed when followed by the final credits, you realize how unusual, original and beautiful thing you did. I also really liked how the creators filigree cost over Time: further emphasized by the magic of the relationship between a man and a woman. And, of course, slips the simple truth is that for true love there are no barriers, even Time itself is powerless here.

Turning to the analysis of the technical component of anime, one can only admire the work done. The picture is amazing: beautiful landscapes, detailed surroundings, and overall the animation is “warm” warm colors, peaceful images. Music is not far behind from its appearance and presents a surprisingly charming and delightful compositions. In terms of humor, the film also gives no slack.

Still and Mizuha (even a few minor actors) was more alive and human than the characters of many movies: the characters are going through, watching their actions with interest. Kindness, comfort and fabulousness permeated “Your name”. Affected the theme of friendship pushed into the background, but it is impossible not to notice how close friends and Still Mizuchi Express my support and love.

Finally, I want to thank the Japanese Creators: while in the West appears a shortage of ideas and to tell life-affirming stories about the fate of people for them is not a priority, the East once again proves its originality, sophistication and freshness of views.

We strongly urge you to see “Your name”, because such impressive masterpieces in the world of cinema delight not often. “Strands in the cords are interwoven, taking a variety of forms. Tangled, twisted, sometimes bloom, rush, and then weave them again. This is the time.”

10 out of 10

New review: Your name 01.10.2017

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