New review: Your name 08.06.2017

Of course, any new anime will be compared to the anime of Hayao Miyazaki, because it’s already a classic of the genre. This can not be avoided. And I am no exception, but how nice to know that there is a worthy continuation of the genre.

This is my first encounter with Makoto Xingkai, and he has another early work, which I learned after watching this film.

Your name is not original new idea, this has been, more than once, in different variations, but the presentation of the Xingkai — is quite another. I like: incredible graphics, traced every detail, warm light, the composition, the characters. All this creates an atmosphere of good, but with elements of uncertainty and mystery.

Throughout the viewing I was trying to follow the plot and understand the idea of the film. I have a lot of questions. Until the very end I tried to understand and dreamed that I was sitting beside the man who would explain what was happening. But despite this, I enjoyed the film because it’s really beautiful: the landscapes, history, destiny, Japanese flavor, mystical and religious component, an endless quest.

Only the ending is a little disappointing, because this story was going to end differently to leave a different impression and a different message. Or should have been presented in a different light. But this is only my opinion.

And I want to add: don’t make such a mistake as I don’t try to comprehend the events of the film, because his need to feel enjoying each frame. Because the Director knows that every person missing in my life something and the man’s whole life is in search of something or someone, often not even knowing what it is. And so he gives us, he gives us a beautiful story that captures you, your threads will intertwine without the ability to unravel.

New review: Your name 08.06.2017

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