New review: – Z is for Zachariah 04.10.2017

Immediately give a note — the film is quite watchable, calm but. There’s always a but.

Post-Apocalypse, nuclear war was a certain valley for unknown reasons, not hooked. In this valley lives a young girl. And all she is fine. Grows cucumbers, potatoes, hunts, collects a variety of things. One day the lady meets survivor man and leads to his house.

After some time, there is a third character, also a man, a miner, who miraculously survived after the war. The newly formed couple decided to shelter the boy for a few days. Then comes the classic, although this peculiar love triangle. And absolutely with a poor outcome because of what I a couple of times changed my opinion about characters and tossed in thought for someone more experienced. The last scene is probably the most dramatic thing in the film and most likely the only sad moment in the entire movie-feed.

Here’s what not to take away from the film-makers, is how according to my calculations, very amaznig scenes, as well as the whole biblical background which is read almost from the first frame. Especially when they show a clear division between the valley (where everything lives, blossoms and smells) and the rest of the world (where everything is destroyed). And the valley is a kind of Eden, and the main characters a kind of Adam and eve in a certain interpretation. The only thing your humble servant never dopetril, so who/what is Zechariah. Is the name of the valley, essence, promise? I do not understand.

6 out of 10

New review: – Z is for Zachariah 04.10.2017

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