New review: Zeropolis 29.07.2016

For me this is the product of two components: 1. Alinasi cartoon!

The plot: Exciting, a little detective, with elements of action, maybe a little predictable, but it’s a cartoon for kids! The main thing that good is good, no newfangled blends mysticism, subverting the classic heroes, etc.

The incarnation: we can say perfect. Each scene is measured, each character is thought out, every emotion spelled out. Facial expressions of characters — great acting Hollywood school — each emotion is a particular set of facial techniques (one of the IMDb reviews I read, something the author prefers the American acting school, not perceiving domestic, because of the distinct emotion: “you can turn the sound off and still understand what it was”). So animals here — just super actors in Hollywood.

Sound track by Shakira — an extra nice touch.

2. Main idea: No to racism! And here comes the idea of the perfect timeliness of this product. When you see the European youth have been brainwashed reiterates that terrorists do not fight, they need to understand and forgive”, when no parent came to the defense of their girls, and the police turn a blind eye, I think, “Zeropolis” is a Russian translation, in the original language it sounds like “Zoo-utopia.”

8 out of 10

New review: Zeropolis 29.07.2016

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