New review: Zombiu, or shut the fuck up. 30.07.2016

Which is not only shoot a zombie movie, today, to hit the viewer hard. Not expecting and not putting the bar high, I got sufficient for passing the film of this genre.

It is not necessary to wait for a particularly intelligent plot with clever moves, it is enough to observe a group of scumbags as they can survive (and of course the sexy girl there is, even two).

Escaping from the zombies we see are not always successful jokes are on the brink of a foul. Russian even dragged, where without them…

If you carefully watch the movie to find references to other films (silent, they are obvious).

Not to say that everything is bad or good, average. The Dutch showed their approach to shooting a zombie Comedy, that’s a good start but has room to grow.

All you can close your eyes, but the emergence of yet another evil in the movie makes me put a minus, they are generally not needed.

In General, a one-time movie to pass the evening.

New review: Zombiu, or shut the fuck up. 30.07.2016

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