New review: Zveroboy 04.10.2017

Upon learning that the film “Zveroboy” created “Illumination Entertainment”, I’m depressed because I remembered another animated film “the secret life of Pets” which did not cause me much enthusiasm. Even more of concern is their intrusion on the field of cartoon musicals, so to speak, that has always been the patrimony of Disney, ate the dog in the paintings where many long to sing. At the moment when in the cinema hall lights went out and roll with the minions from “Despicable me”, faith in “Zveroboy” I was not. How wrong I was! Now with great pleasure will tell.

As usual let’s start with the plot. At first glance it is banal to a disgrace and for the millionth time tells the audience about how important it is to believe in yourself to achieve the goal, to overcome all difficulties — that sort of thing. The owner of the theater, Buster moon barely making ends meet because his musicals are long time nobody cares, lenders here will take away all the property and kicked out with his Secretary on the street. On account of the last thousand dollars… Now what would you do? Just think a minute. Right! It is necessary to invest in the most important adventure of his life — to create a talent show, like “the Voice”, but without the blind auditions. At the behest of the happy occasion, the errors in the zeros, as always, his idea resonates in the hearts of many applicants. So going to a small troupe of singers of various genres, characters and the fate that will forever change after all the events occurring on the screen.

Simple, sometimes bored story, devoid of any intrigue suddenly acquires a very grown up and serious thoughts in terms of management business, business team. For example, “Zveroboi” makes it clear that good quality staff for cheap not buy. In addition, the film imparts a great taste. All songs and modern and classical; costumes, sets, characters, musical inserts — very stylish, and, again, bring up the right taste, the attitude. For this “Zveroboy” earned my great respect as this is what should engage the culture. If after watching a movie, for example, you don’t feel like Billy from “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines” and don’t want to say with tears in his eyes: “Hell.. the same people Live, fall in love…”- congratulations you wasted your time and money.

From the plot to actors! Bester moon purposeful Koala with a sense of taste and style, a frantic imagination, energy, gifted with leadership qualities, who is able to use and always invests in the business. He’s the perfect leader who suffers because of its unyieldingness and love for risk. Eddie is the complete opposite moon — lazy, rich, devoid of any motivation the best friend of the koalas. Rosita is a housewife and lives usually a life surrounded by everyday problems and worries. However, somewhere there still is a fire and enthusiasm, able to disperse the blood in the veins. She needs someone who will reach out to him and fanning creative flames. Johnny is a young guy, a real nugget — he has a great voice, but dad was a gangster does not share his interest in music. The conflict of “fathers and children” — trite, but always a current topic. Himself johnny needs who will believe in him. Ash — teenage girl, she writes songs and music in the style of rock, alas, is experiencing a typical life challenges — namely, a broken heart. She could use someone who will finally make it as a performer, will bring the taste and will present to the public. Mike is professional, the artist, knowing his worth, and most importantly — her suitable. This character is easy to read the image of Frank Sinatra. I wonder what would he say after seeing this movie? Mike it is only necessary to understand that their talent and culture to be shared with everyone. Everyone deserves to listen to his songs. Buster moon gives him the opportunity. Mina is so good at singing how shy and afraid of the scene. To overcome self-doubt, dare to take the first step it will help the resilient Koala moon. This team scored himself Mr. moon, which will be his major pillar of support and inspiration, when there’s all the bad things that can happen.

How can I bypass the theme songs in the movie songs?! The melodies and the compositions are well chosen and combine a variety of genres, time periods, countries, languages. I love when during one of the concert sound of both modern and older compositions, time-tested. Graphics and animation — normal, Lama like Lama, rabbit rabbit. No complaints. The only thing I want to get is up to our interpretation. In the original “Sing!” turned into “Zveroboy”. The problem is that the word “beast” has been used in the movie “Zeropolis” from Disney, and personally I had a false sense that these paintings are somehow connected. Although it is not so!

In the end, I am totally satisfied with the film. Suggest reading and reviewing, because the more you think and talk about the cartoon, the more open, manifest new aspects and themes.

7 out of 10

New review: Zveroboy 04.10.2017

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