Nicolas cage has signed up for action Thriller “Mandy” 08.06.2017

Doug Liman added to the future projects, adaptation of the teen fantasy-fiction novel by Amy Kaufman and Megan SpoonerDiscoverers” (“Unearthed”). The rights to unreleased until the product has acquired the production company, Columbia Pictures for Sony Pictures. Publication is expected in January next year.

The events take place in the distant future, where a series of ecological disasters the Earth has become almost uninhabitable. However, there is a planet which holds the technology that can help to change people’s lives for the better. To explore its mysteries fated scientist Jules Addison and Emilia motorsize Radcliff, who accidentally meet and, after passing through the acceptance of each other, come to understand cooperation. They have to get inside a mysterious temple to find the stored information to decode the mysteries of an ancient race and avoid all the traps prepared for them. But the more they learn, the more they think that this information is actually technology the destruction of mankind.

The novel is described as a cross between Lara Croft with Indiana Jones with a scene in space. Work on the script for Jez and John Henry Butterworth, wrote to Lyman aspects of the future, producer — Tyler Thompson of company Cross Creek Pictures.

Jennifer Connelly will play in the series by Scott Derrickson “Through the snow”

Jennifer Connelly will attend the filming of TV series on the sci-Fi Thriller Pont Zhong HoThrough the snow“. Earlier in the project has enlisted David Diggs (“Miracle”). The project was directed by Scott Derrickson.

The events unfold in the future, seven years after a manmade disaster that caused a new Ice age. The privileged part of the population moved in a constantly moving Express. The inhabitants of the train are clearly separated into classes, where the lowest occupied slave labor for the benefit of the higher. In the environment of unhappy people brewing revolutionary sentiments that lead up to the dramatic denouement of the story.

Based on the above mentioned picture is a French graphic novel by Jacques Loeb and Jean-Marc RochetteLe Transperceneige“. The main role in the movie played by: Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, song Kang-Ho, ed Harris, Jamie bell and John hurt.

The series ordered by the American cable channel TNT, script writer and producer Josh Friedman (“Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles…”, “war of the worlds”), producers — Marty Adelstein (“prison break,” “Aquarius”) and Becky Clements (“Aquarius”).

Jennifer Connelly will play first class Melanie Cavill, which shows the inhabitants in the end of the train a genuine curiosity, she is also the “voice train” the system of electronic alerts. Diggs will play barely surviving passenger from the rear of the train.

James Mangold will head shooting the Thriller “Snafu”

James Mangold will head shooting the English-language remake of the French-Belgian drama Thriller 2015 “the Bodyguard” (“Maryland”), in which the main roles played by Matthias Sonants (“Girl from Denmark”, “French Suite”, “Rust and bone”) and Diane Kruger.

The hero of the original paintings — a former special forces soldier Vincent, who returns from Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder. He is hired to work for a wealthy Lebanese businessman to guard his wife. Soon he begins to feel towards the woman’s strong emotions, causing him paranoia. While the family thinks that’s all right, Vincent loses the ability to correctly assess the existing danger for her.

The new version is called “Confusion” (Disorder). The script for the book was written by Taylor Sheridan (“Killer”). They say that his story is substantially different from the original and implies a franchise.

In the production of the film involved the film company Sony Pictures and producers: Todd black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch from the company Escape Artists.

Nicolas cage has signed up for action Thriller “Mandy”

Nicolas cage is preparing for the upcoming filming action-Thriller “Mandy” (“Mandy”) novice Director and screenwriter Panos of Comatose (“beyond the black rainbow”).

Hero cage — Ed Miller, suffering the murder of his lover, a radical religious sect. He decides to take revenge on the group and begins a ruthless hunt for the cultists.

Production starts this summer in Belgium, with the participation of companies Umedia and Piccadilly Pictures.

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Nicolas cage has signed up for action Thriller “Mandy” 08.06.2017

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