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“Alien: the Covenant” — a product of very questionable quality. If the finish is at the end “use” of “Prometheus” had, for the most part, a pronounced negative connotation, the “Covenant” teetering on the fine position ambiguity due to the symbiosis of the moments dramatically polar in your thinking and sharply differentiating the opinions of critics and audiences.

The story tape is the place to be in 2104 and concentrates on the colonial mission of the ship Covenant, the members of the crew of which by receiving a signal from the unknown planet, changing the specified destination for further planting. The writers literally took the meaning of the word “reboot” as the brainchild of Ridley Scott — uzkokoleinaya a copy of the original “Alien” 1979. Involuntarily there arises a feeling that reveal the doll over and over again the same thing, but smaller and with a slightly poorer quality figures. Scott like the first picture of the story unspoken, requiring rethought the action, in view of her “ripe old age” or in connection with the accumulated internal experience and reasoning of the great master. But in practice, the character Katherine Waterston (Daniels) for the hero Sigourney weaver (Ripley), David Walter, if and are identical, one to another, after all, does not hold the charisma and endearing personality. To the rest of the characters, unfortunately, do not experience a drop and a proper sympathy, elected as an impartial catalyst to progress in the story — stupidity. Decisions defy any rational explanation and deprived of even such basic Foundation, as the instinct of self-preservation. Enough time to turn your head in order to accompany the viewing replicas of resentment “why are you doing this?” and “it’s okay baby”. Pull this sinking ship, is that Fassbender doing everything in his power to distract the attention of the viewer from the holes riddled the script on yourself and your character. And this is only possible because he is the only hero that has not lost the status of significant. Ridley Scott is so manic stuck in the biblical implication that oozed their all possible cracks, be it an unambiguous interpretation of the “last supper” of Leonardo da Vinci, the subject of the existence of the Creator, or speaking for itself the name “Covenant” that seemed to have completely forgotten about the characters, leaving them to themselves. On the contrary, the fullness painting allegories, about the Creators is an original interspersed in the story, without which it would have acquired the status of a “typical” horror film about alien monsters. In contrast to an adherent of the arbitrary interpretations of the Bible of Zack Snyder, Ridley Scott has formed a full history on the basis of religion, while from Siderovski feed pulls overt pathos. Deep reference to religious subjects raises the question of the form of the existence of God and his power, expanding the borders of understanding of this word more familiar to the people of the planet, adding to the film a touch of mystery and the ground for reflection over the concept of the idealization of the creatures, and who, after all, has the right to be the Creator.

On wounds are formed from “Prometheus”, made from plantain cleverly drawn monsters of the old style, loved by the viewers even from the original, and monsters of a new kind, which diluted the picture as a special seasoning soup cooked according to old recipe. The development of technology has benefited the adjusted appearance of the xenomorph species, literatow and all varieties of Strangers, and the visual component pleasing to its canonical scary grim aesthetics and absence, as such, difficult but not impossible. No less pleasant by the fact that the universe of “Alien” is expanding, albeit not at the expense of unexpected twists and plot lines, but at least, thanks to the commissioning of new locations, enriching the geography of “Foreign”.

In General, the tape, due to its partial identity with the original, nostalgic surroundings, properly chosen music and strong special effects, smooths out the resulting rough edges. If to shut eyes to actions of actors, and to feel stronger religious spirit, “unobtrusive” presented by Ridley Scott, I understand that the Central idea of the film, that is, the entire franchise — a fundamental promise to the subsequent tapes that have a certain weight to the universe of Others.

Новая рецензия: Чужой: Завет 28.06.2017

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