“Occa”: Good spinosaur 01.07.2017

Occa” appeared as the major argument in favor of “Netflix” as a film producer: all previous films streaming giant, if desired, could be financed by someone else, but the same is difficult to say about bilingual genre hybrid with a budget of tens of millions whose main character is a special effect. While the company stubbornly fighting with the cinema, not wanting to give a window for rental, and its logo was booed in Cannes individual clowns-journalists, her money goes to what in the world really are woefully short: a truly international scale of the original film, where the talented people on both sides of the camera, the producers do not climb with the comments.

And it’s hard to imagine a more deserved recipient of this money than PON Joon-Ho, who, building a reputation in the treatment to specific parts of South Korean history and unthinkable for Hollywood combinations of tones and moods, even 12 years ago ran to the Studio Weta with a request to draw him mutated libmonetra to become his international breakthrough “the Host”, and subsequently everywhere was gathering the actors for the “Snowperson”. “Once” also have never seen before on screen, the creature in the title genetically modified “superwine”, so fluffy, I’m gonna die, and there is a mixture of satire and dystopian, just sent it today.

Within two hours true to itself, the Director manages to evoke, ranging from Miyazaki to “Schindler’s List”. However, if in his early films Pont often found opposite emotions within a single scene, here it is with somewhat less success brings a few different films within one. A gentle tale about a girl and her pet, living in an idyllic mountain forests, is replaced by action Packed with car chases and modest destruction and the sinister Comedy about corporations, ready to turn absolutely anything in the plot, and in the process amuse an unsuspecting public, which is absolutely not okay to feed her bullshit, until that second, until she sees refuting all the videos.

Imagination and attention to detail clearly seen in Once, acquiring character with only one expressive sounds and most likely awkward movements, and how Pont, remembering himself since the “Owner”, skillfully organizes the chaos around computer high-spirited ink. Satire, meanwhile, is not ashamed to be aggressive and, as in the “Snowperson” entirely free hand actors; in the prologue Tilda Swinton with the appearance of the living dummy lisps and swearing, reading journalists presentation speech, and later the whole film is relentlessly trying to capture baleen Gillenhaal as a “scientist” dressed in colorful shirts, shorts and a cowboy hat and speaking in a shrill voice of Chris Tucker from “the Fifth element”.

When the frame appears the animal liberation Front, where the local Director acts as the Floor of This jacket and Balaclava, and one of the members refuses to eat because he wants “to leave the least possible footprint on the planet,” the impression that Pont laughs at all, although later the activists he has become more of a heroes, albeit clumsy. This lack of balance is combined in the frame with a perfectly raised individual scenes. If the whole movie is the binding element, 14-year-old girl, which is forced down from the mountains into the adult world and discovers that everything in varying degrees, crazy. The final of its history was a foregone conclusion, but the question remains, how long could continue this tale, until the bottom is happening.

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“Occa”: Good spinosaur 01.07.2017

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