“Payback” will get a sequel 27.06.2017

The Film Company Warner Bros. Pictures begun drafting a sequel to last year’s action-Thriller “the Reckoning“, in which the main role was played by Ben Affleck. In the sequel to return all the from Director Gavin O’connor, who has always been optimistic in relation to the sequels, to the main contractor. The script also will write again bill Dubuque, fell from his original story in the Black list of best scripts.

Recall that the protagonist of “the Reckoning” — an autistic Christian Wulff with an unusual mathematical ability, excellent martial arts skills and shooting. The last talent is especially necessary for Wolfe to be able in time to defend himself as in his main job he has to deal with the search for missing money in the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world. Once he gets into the lens unit for combating crime at the Ministry of Finance and immediately taken to a completely legal order on the audit of the Corporation for the production of high-tech equipment, where one of the employees found a discrepancy in the figures on the millions of dollars. As soon as the wolf begins to approach the heart of the matter — there are the first victims and their number is growing rapidly.

The film’s budget was only $44 million, and fees in the international box office — over $155 million in Addition to Affleck, who will repeat the main role of the independent auditor Christian Wulff, the film: Anna Kendrick, J. K. Simmons, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, John Lithgow, Jean Smart, Jeffrey Tambor and John Bernthal. The latter will also return in the sequel to the role Braxton — brother of the protagonist.

“Payback” will get a sequel 27.06.2017

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