Pierce Brosnan joined the Thriller “the Final score” 27.07.2016

Jessica Chastain agrees to participate in the film adaptation of the video game from the company UbisoftTom Clancy’s The Division“. Earlier in the project the main role was credited Jake Gyllenhaal.

The events unfolding in new York, covered the pandemic. The main services of the city are not working and the situation is rapidly slipping into chaos. The character of Gyllenhaal — agent of special forces, which should ensure order, having dealt with the criminal situation on the streets, and find out the causes of the incident.

The game was released this spring for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and for the first week earned $330 million, becoming the highest grossing release in the gaming industry.

The writers and Director of the project still there are no producers listed Gyllenhaal and Gerard Gillem from Ubisoft.

This is the third project of Ubisoft after the film adaptation of “the credo of the kill” with Michael Fassbender and the promised film adaptation of the game “Splinter Cell”, in which the main role should play Tom hardy.

Akiva Goldsman will write the script, “Steel caves” Asimov

Five years after the announcement of the film adaptation of the novel of Isaac Asimov’scaves of Steel“, the film company 20th Century Fox was attracted to the work of screenwriter Goldsman Him. To him, the project was designed by John Scott and Henry Hobson. I must say that Goldsman had to be adapted for cinema works by Asimov. He is the author of the script of the film of Alex Proyas “I, robot”, which was released in 2004.

The novel “caves of Steel” is a series of stories about detective Earthman Elijah Bailey and cosmonite robot Daniel Olivo, investigating the most intricate crimes related to the relationship of cosmonite and earthlings. The action of “caves of Steel” comes around in the year 3000. The earth is suffering from overpopulation, and people are forced to live in steel domes of gigantic cities with no real sunlight. Meanwhile, the descendants of earthlings — community colonized other planets, and enjoy all the pleasures of life. Bailey and Olivo charged with investigating what happened on Earth the killing of a member of cosmonite Dr. Sarton, as it may become a pretext for war.

A series of books about Elijah Bailey and Daniel Olivo also includes the novels: “the Naked sun“, “Robots of dawn” and “Robots and Empire“. Also they are the first novels in the meta-cycle of Asimov’s “Foundation“.

Oprah Winfrey will play in the “Crack in time”

Oprah Winfrey first joined the screen adaptation of the science-fiction novel by Madeleine L’engle 1962 the “Crack in time” (“Wrinkle in Time”). Takes a picture of Ava Duvernay, which Winfrey has worked in “Selma”.

In the novel, which is included in the literary cycle the “time Quintet”, tells how as schoolgirl Meg, together with his classmate Calvin O Keefe go in search of the father of the girl — missing scientist. They are on another planet, which controls the giant evil brain.
The journey precedes the visit of the strange night visitor, who tells them about the cracks in time, one of them believed to be children, stuck the father of Meg.

The heroine is Oprah Winfrey — Mrs. Which. This is one of the three ladies that help Meg to make the move in time and space. Two other name — Mrs. What-is Mrs. Who.

The author of the adapted screenplay — Jennifer Lee (“frozen”). Producers Jim Whitaker and Catherine Hand.

Pierce Brosnan joined the Thriller “the Final score”

Pierce Brosnan will play a major role in the action-Thriller directed by Scott Mann’sthe Final score” (“Final Score”) for film company Highland Film Group. Previously, the project was joined by actors Dave Bautista (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Alexander Dean and Julian Cheung.

The events unfold at the major sports event at the stadium, which is right in the middle of a game captures a group of armed criminals. For the liberation of the people, they demand a ransom. Opposed to terrorists, ex-military, forced to use all his fighting skills to save 35 thousand people, among whom is the daughter of his deceased comrade.

The script was written by the brothers Lynch Frank and Jonathan Frank. Producers: mark Goldberg from the company , Signature Entertainment, Robert Jones, James Harris, mark lane and mark Wayne Godfrey from the Fyzz Facility. Shooting will start on 8 August in London, the film release is planned for 2017.

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Pierce Brosnan joined the Thriller “the Final score” 27.07.2016

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