“Publication” Spielberg changed the name and got several actors 07.06.2017

Sofia Boutella (“the Mummy”, “the Explosive blonde”, “star trek: Infinity”) agrees to participate in the film adaptation of the dystopian novel by ray Bradbury for TV channel HBO451 degrees Fahrenheit“. Earlier in the project joined Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan (“creed: the Legacy of rocky”).

The original literary describes a totalitarian society winning media and consumer thinking, which burn all the books, allows you to think about life; their possession is a crime, and all the people, able to think critically, be outlawed.

Jordan will play the main character guy Montag who works as a “fireman”, freeing mankind from harmful books. Soon, however, he is disappointed in the essential values of society and joins an underground group of people, saving books, learning them by heart. Shannon will play captain Beatty, chief of the Montag.
Sofia Boutella was offered the role of Clarisse, friend of the main character and a very strange girl who loves to talk about their feelings and thoughts. She tells Montag about how people lived in the past. Looking at her, he first thinks about the fact that another life is possible, and begins to analyze the events happening around them. The actor will also serve as Executive producer of the film adaptation through his company Outlier Productions.

Script writing Ramin Bahrani and Amir Naderi, with whom Shannon worked on the set of the drama “99 homes,” where Bahrani was also a Director. He will head the shooting of “451 degrees Fahrenheit”.

Will Collet Jaume Serra, the movie “Waco” siege the zealots of the FBI

Will Collet Jaume Serra was appointed Director of the film “Waco” (“Waco”) to production company Annapurna Pictures. The script was written by mark Boal (“number one”, “the hurt locker”) and Marc Haimes (“Kubo. The legend of the samurai”).

In the center of the plot — the real events that occurred in 1993 in Texas, near Waco, where on a ranch owned by the religious sect “Branch of David”, took place the confrontation of the authorities in the face of FBI and National guard with cultists, suspected of violating weapons laws.

The first visit of the law enforcement agencies over the shooting, which killed 10 people. Then to the ranch we pulled together more serious force, but the siege lasted for 51 days, from 18 February to 19 April, and ended with the assault, which was attended by about 700 people. As a result of the operation killed more than 80 people, including children and Federal agents. Of the cultist survived only 9 people.

Many at the time expressed that the battle was the result of a collision of the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution on the right to keep and bear arms and the right to religious freedom.
The people in the district it was said that the sect would not hurt anyone and many did not understand why suddenly the FBI decided to destroy it.

Mark Boal will also take part in producing the picture through his company Page 1 together with Megan Ellison and Matthew BugMeNot. Production will start this year.

About the events in Waco, it is also planned to remove the tele-series “Siege at Waco” (“Waco Texas siege”), which deals with producer Harvey Weinstein and his Weinstein Television. The main role in the project will play: Michael Shannon, Taylor Kitch, Andrea Riseboro, John Lagunillas and others.

“Publication” Spielberg changed the name and got several actors

A film by Steven Spielberg about the publication in the 1970-ies in the newspaper “The Washington Post” the controversial Pentagon papers on the Vietnam war, previously called “Publication” (“Post”), changed its name to “Documents” (“Papers”). The ones already in the cast, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep joined in: Sarah Paulson, Bob Odenkirk, Alison brie, David Cross, Michael Stuhlbarg, Bradley Whitford (“Away”, “Saving Mr. banks”), Matthew Rhys (the scapegoat, “the Americans”), Carrie Coon (“the Disappeared”, “Left”, “Fargo”), Jesse Plemons (“Fargo”, “Spy bridge”), Bruce Greenwood (“star trek: Nemesis”, “White captive”), Tracy Letts (“Absolute power”, “shorting”) and Zach woods (“Spy”).

In the end, erupted in 1971, the scandal caused by the decision of the editor of “The Washington Post” Ben Bradley and her owner Katharine Graham to publish the “Pentagon Papers” provided by the military analyst of the US state Department Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon papers. The documents stated that the administration of President Johnson lied to Congress and the public about the U.S. role in the Vietnam war, deliberately taking action on its escalation, while Johnson himself constantly asserted that the United States did not seek its extension. The publication caused dissatisfaction following President Nixon, who is also credited with support of military action. He tried to prevent the publication of these documents, however, the case reached the Supreme Court, which ruled that American Newspapers have the right to their publication.

Tom Hanks will play newspaper editor Ben Bradley and Meryl Streep — publisher Katherine Graham. How to allocate roles between the rest of the announced actors are not reported.

The script for the film was written by Liz Hannah, the producers: Amy Pascal, Spielberg and Christie Macosko Krieger. In manufacturing, which has already started, participating companies 20th Century Fox and Amblin Entertainment. Project targets for the award “Oscar”. In limited release, the film will be released on 22 December, a wide — January 12, 2018.

Follow our news and film frames will follow all the others.

“Publication” Spielberg changed the name and got several actors 07.06.2017

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