Review of Boxing-office in Russia (21.07-24.07) 27.07.2016

New “star trek” pushed “Ice age: a Collision is imminent”, and performed better than the previous part of the franchise, “high life” showed the best start for the movies of woody Allen, but was unable to resist another novelty of last Thursday — the horror “And the lights go out…”.

“Star trek: Infinity” for her first rolling weekend in the Russian Federation has received 207 million rubles and 683,4 thousand spectators. This figure is slightly higher achievements of the film “StarTrek: Retaliation”, which in may 2013 got the start in Russia and the CIS 193 million roubles and 645,6 thousands of spectators.

The leader of last week — cartoon “Ice age: a Clash is inevitable” — has lost 52% of the fees received over the weekend 165,8 million rubles, while in the cartoon it’s more viewers than “star trek,” the 726,8 thousand. In just two weeks the Russian hire the picture has collected 658,6 million roubles, it was watched by 2.8 million viewers.

American horror “And the lights go out…” was included into a three of leaders with the indicators of 106,9 million rubles and 423.6 thousand spectators following the results of last weekend, which is comparable to the results of the first “Curse” in 2013 (104 mln rubles in Russia and CIS).

“High life” showed the best start for a woody Allen movie in Russia, which earned its first weekend 34 million rubles from 102 thousand spectators. The number of previous successful releases including Allen’s “magic in the moonlight” (25 million rubles in Russia and CIS) and “Midnight in Paris” (24.8 million rubles).

Just last week, occupying second place in the romance “Before I met you” over the weekend mastered only 17.8 million rubles, and dropped down to fifth place. Total fees paintings reached 223,7 million rubles, in three weeks looked 927,7 thousands of spectators.

Tarzan. The legend” received in the four weeks of hire 518,9 million rubles, of which 12.6 million — over the past weekend. From Tarzan-Skarsgard behind Blake lively, which brought on the weekend, “the Shallows,” only 7.6 million rubles. Only the film received 178.3 million rubles from 719,8 thousands of Russian spectators.

The second “Illusion of deception” is still not losing ground. The results of last weekend film is about a team of magicians occupied the eighth place with result 7 million rubles. Total charges tape at the moment are 989,7 million rubles, it was watched by 3.9 million viewers.

On the penultimate place on the weekend, dropped the tale of Steven Spielberg’s “Big friendly giant”, lost 65.2% of their fees. Last weekend the film was subjected to only 6.4 million rubles, and only a modest 340 million and 1.6 million viewers.

Closes the top ten action Comedy “Half spy, who completed his third rolling weekend with a score of 5 million rubles. The final outcome of the adventure Dwayne Johnson — 82.5 million rubles, and 333,7 thousands of spectators.

Total fees amounted to tens 570,3 million rubles, which is almost 10% more than last weekend. Next week the leaderboard will be changes due to the release of a new version of “Ghostbusters”, the third installment of “the purge” and the Thriller “desperate measures” with Idris Elba in the title role.

Review of Boxing-office in Russia (21.07-24.07) 27.07.2016

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