“Rick and Morty”: Season 3: Evil Rick 05.10.2017

Over the past from the second season of “Rick and Morty” two years Justin Royland, apparently, so actively visited his psychiatrist that in the end a large part of the stories of the new season otherwise as psychiatric call. The title couple that saves the Citadel from exploding in the presidents Morty from the first season, struggling with an evil version of the already evil Rick, and then just immersed in a world ultratonotherapy “moscoviense”. That is, in General, the world merry fantastic lunacy is gradually sinking into the depths of psychoanalysis that concern for authors ‘ releases only for the accretion of the series, which the show slightly more than half, and they are so well isolated, that are busy such as the struggle Rick with Obama, wildly interesting sight in the fall of 2017, to be sure.

But where Royland not freebies, there begins a proprietary shiz that shake the very foundations of the Universe. Rick Sanchez, furious, screaming “I am a God!” or he’s turning himself into a pickle, but would not go to family therapy, all these sagabona seem to be a classic adult animation, barely touching the air, and the psychological deconstruction exposed the entire family the Sanchez-Smith at a time, not excluding temporarily divorced Jerry. And whenever there are such pits of despair that are not always solved even the masters of the psychological Thriller, and then like a cartoon.

But the coolest, of course, in a series about the Citadel. In fact, it is one for the richness of its characters, references, situations and plot conflicts of pulls for the whole season, or if you want separate full full movies. Morty as the oppressed minority and Ricky as their oppressors, Morty cops, macadie Morty-drug dealers at night firefights, exploding in a vengeful presidents Morty and hero advertising Easy Rick, it’s just incredible, the accuracy and richness of hues is this mosaic. The level of sophistication the world of the Citadel is about truly lamovsky heights, in fact this is a “Futurist Congress” for sentenial, so it’s cool.

It is amazing to see nearby such as the series about “moscoviense” or about how Jerry sang with the hunter, which was that they were not, nobody cares. In fact, so it was in all three seasons, but the third was something quite contrasting, and it is time to take throw out all the fillers, make your own from the rest of the superset and revise when you feel low. And so — the next two years.

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“Rick and Morty”: Season 3: Evil Rick 05.10.2017

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