Rick Roman In became the Director of “the fall of the angel” 26.07.2017

Tom hardy signed up for the lead role in the drama “My last war, I miss her so much” (“My War Gone By, I Miss It So”). The core of the film, the eponymous biographical novel by British journalist and war correspondent Anthony Lloyd. The Director of the film adaptation — Gavin O’connor, he is the producer, together with Scott La Staiti.

Lloyd describes how he, raised in a military family and military traditions and feats, strives to survive the war on their own experience, being on the cutting edge. At the age of 26 years, he leaves his native England to Bosnia, and over the next three years shows the brutality and senselessness of the military conflict between the Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims in Central Europe. Overseeding elevated levels of adrenaline and returning home, he is facing severe consequences of their addiction.

On hardy the book made a strong impression: “My last war — a brutal story that touches a nerve and sends to the nature of addiction to war and military experience.”

Jared Leto was offered the leading role in “Bledsoe”

Jared Leto received an offer to play a major role in the project Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment, Bludshot” (“Bloodshot”). Two years ago, the company announced the creation of a cinematic universe based on comic books “, Bludshot” and “the Harbinger” (“Harbinger”).

Summer offered the role of a former mafia hit man Angelo Martelli who is in the witness protection program. However, soon he kidnaps an FBI agent and instead of a new life Angelo becomes experimental top-secret government program to create the perfect soldier. He erased all memories implanted and billions of nanites, thanks to which he has powers and the ability to accelerated regeneration. Over time, some memories begin to return, and Angelo decides to take revenge on everyone who was involved in its transformation.

The Director of “Blodshot” appointed Dave Wilsonfilmed at Blur Studios movie clips for video games: Halo 2, Mass Effect 2, and BioShock Infiniteand also worked with Tim Miller at the “Tadpole”. For the scenario meets the Oscar winner Eric Heisserer, producer Matthew Vaughn. It is expected that the film will have at least one sequel.

“John Wick” will be a spin-off called “Ballerina”

From the film company Lionsgate has plans to create a action movie with a female character in the leading position from the universe of John Wick. The working title of picture — “Ballerina” (“Ballerina”). The plot for the project write newcomer Shay Hatten, whose previous scenario last year was honored to fall into the Hollywood “Black list”.

“Ballerina” I want to take in the spirit of the famous painting of Luc Besson’s “Nikita” . In the center of the story — the story of a young woman-killer who swore revenge on the other assassins who killed her entire family.

The producer of the film will be Basil Ivanik owned by his company Thunder Road.

Recall that in the framework of expansion of the universe John Wick last month was announced a TV spin-off of the film “Hotel continental” (“Continental”), in the center of the plot which will be the luxury hotel chain for the killers.

Rick Roman In became the Director of “the fall of the angel”

Director Rick Roman In (“a shot in the void”, “Rat”, “the Offender”) has a Director in the action-Thriller “Falling angel” from Millennium Films, the sequel “Fall of Olympus” and “the Fall of London.” Gerard Butler will return to the role of secret service agent of the Banning.

In the first film there was a seizure of the White house. A former bodyguard of President Mike Banning finds himself being locked in the building along with the kidnapped President Benjamin Asher. To occupy the White house, save the President and avert a greater catastrophe, the national security Council is forced to rely on the valuable information from the Banning.

In the sequel dies unexpectedly, the Prime Minister of the UK, Banning and President Asher and the head of the secret service Lynn Jacobs sent to his funeral in London. Once a senior person starts to arrive, is a series of terrorist attacks, Jacobs mortally wounded, and the Banning will in whatever was to take the President to a safe place.

The scenario “Fall of an angel” re-wrote Crichton, ROTENBERGER and Catherine Benedict. It is assumed that in trikvele the object of the terrorists will be the agent Banning. In addition, the film’s title is a code word for President’s plane, so that the plot can return President Asher, who in the first film played Aaron Eckhartor his successor. It is expected to return to the picture of Morgan Freeman, who played Allan Trumbull, the speaker of the house of representatives.

In addition to performing the lead role, Butler will be the producer of the film, along with mark Gill, Matt O Toole, Alan Siegel and John Thompson. Executive producers , AVI Lerner, Christine OTA and Trevor short. Shooting was originally planned for the beginning of the year and, as you can see, they’re running late. The release date has not changed, the film is still scheduled for 2018.

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Rick Roman In became the Director of “the fall of the angel” 26.07.2017

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