Russian box office: 21-24 September, “Kingsmen 2” predictable lead 25.09.2017

Preliminary results from the past weekend exactly confirm the predictions, the leader of the weekend was the action Comedy “Kingsman: the Golden ring“, which gathered in total a little less than 320 million rubles. This is noticeably higher than the first part, which started 200 million rubles. Now the main issue is overcoming the previous totals Fund 650 million, with the start and the complete lack of competition next week is almost guaranteed, but everything above is still a big question and will depend largely on the fall next week (in the original it was a paltry 25% of that for the beginner almost impossible to reach, 50% will already be a good result, given the fairly mediocre viewer ratings).

The second most important newcomer of the week was the animated film “Ninjago“, which eventually failed in exactly according to the predictions and overseas start: 90 mln rubles — is worse than both predecessors in the LEGO franchise, so now even two hundred million of the total will be under question.

Finally, the third Premier of the week — national “Hostages” — gathered over the weekend my ten million from 300 screens.

It remains to wait for the tabulation of the official results of the weekend where we learn about the fate of the horror film “It“.

As for plans for next weekend, there becomes the main premiere of the Patriotic action “Crimea“, leaving the thousands of screens to fill in this gaping hole in the passing rental is destined to only overseas fighter “Mercenary” (800 screens), whereas, for example, action “Made in America” with Tom cruise postponed for two weeks forward. In General, waiting for the next record.

Stay tuned.

Russian box office: 21-24 September, “Kingsmen 2” predictable lead 25.09.2017

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