Russian box office: 28.09-01.10, “Crimea” beats “Kingsmen 2” 02.10.2017

Ended the weekend in the Russian hire left a kind of opposition between the Internet and the “First channel” or if you want the capital and the regions. Against the background of scandals with cheating the ratings expectations a Patriotic Thriller “the Crimea” and similar markups hits various wanabi-viral videos around the same premieres, as well as considering carefully cleared by Ministry of culture hire the fate of the weekend depended on how much real and not fictional audience in the film eventually comes. The result was the most optimistic of expectations, according to the system of the UAIS of all the film sold 600 thousand tickets, and the total fees amounted to RUB 151 million. The average number of spectators per session was equal to twenty, and the time to copy was six thousand.

This allowed the gross cash to be repetitive record of the end of July, when the total fees amounted to less than four hundred million rubles, and the number of tickets sold fell to 1.4 million, but last weekend repeated the dubious achievement the second weakness of rolling weeks, when the number of tickets sold amounted to 1.8 million, and the total fees hardly exceeded four hundred NML.

With regard to the types of the completing, which now has a beginner, based on the outcomes of other Patriotic blockbuster “August. Eighth,” which started only slightly weaker forecast here is based on three hundred million of the total, but in principle it may be limited to less than fifty. The film’s budget, of course, is not known. In the meantime, the rookie became the fourth domestic start of the year after “Gogol. The beginning” (his record — 200 million), which had just completed a rental with the amount of 537 million rubles.

Returning to the chart of the week, the only notable premiere in addition to the leader was the expected overseas “Mercenary“and predictable which attracted 32 million rubles, which is consistent with its modest overseas duties.

Russian box office: 28.09-01.10, “Crimea” beats “Kingsmen 2” 02.10.2017

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