Russian box office: 8-12 June, “the Mummy” meets obstacles 14.06.2017

If at home main premiere last week, quickly went to the bottom, then the domestic audience of a combination of Tom cruise, the destruction in the trailers and friend of the brand fully enough to give the beginner a great start, especially since no one even close to him could not. Total “Mummy” even surpassed the forecasts we have on the way to 420 million rubles for the four-day and 510 million rubles in total with a holiday Monday, it is the best start to cruise around “oblivion” (288 million) and an increase of a third compared to the “Tomb of the dragon Emperor” (311 million). Here, however, it is worth to mention that the average ticket price in 2008 was almost twice below; in addition, all three films with Brendan Fraser, we finished in the top five for the year. New “the Mummy” in a much more competitive environment it can not claim, but your 850-900 million, the viewer should pick up.

On the second line, therefore, has shifted “Pirates Caribbean 5“film, lifting up her hands, sank three times, but 132 million rubles in four days and another 32 million rubles on Monday brought it to the Subtotal in 2,076 billion rubles, which had previously made only three films. By the end of the week the fifth part of the franchise beat out “the Secret life of Pets” (2,138 billion) from the Troika of leaders, however, “Zeropolis” (2,280 billion) will retain second place behind him.

And the third “Wonder woman” — in contrast with home box office film after a weak start could hardly keep us in the triple collapse, the result was 80 million rubles. for a normal weekend, hundreds for five days and RUB 415 million current cash, now just need to get to half a billion. The rest of the “Baywatch” also sank by more than 60% to 38 million rubles for the second weekend and 188 million RUB Subtotal, and “Dislike” fell by more than double to 17 million rubles for the four-day week and 66 million rubles for 12 days of hire.

The third week of June we also almost entirely owned by the same premiere — Pisarevskii “3 Cars“, they are also the first major cartoon for more than two months, will try to repeat the 260-million start of the second part against the background of the collapses of all-timers. Follow our reviews.

Russian box office: 8-12 June, “the Mummy” meets obstacles 14.06.2017

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