Russian box office: October 5-8, “blade Runner 2049” give up the slack 09.10.2017

Despite the status of the main hopes of the October box office, front liner past weekend, cyberpunk Denis Villeneuve’sblade Runner 2049” failed to justify the optimistic forecasts, although the subjugation of half the weekly cinkasse, in the end, managed to rise above the five hundred million rubles, let solely due to the rise in price of the average ticket, the number which failed to increase compared with last dull week only slightly up to 1.9 million pieces.

Everything began quite well, the amount of preshow exceeded 6 million rubles, which is roughly in line with expectations in the four hundred end, preliminary results on Thursday in 40 million roubles is also allowed to hope for a good result, but on Friday everything fell into place — 50 million roubles have reduced the forecast to three hundred, and the current wait for an official result is unlikely to exceed 260 million RUB. This corresponds exactly to the overseas failure, and we have repeats such dubious achievements in the genre, as the start of “Ghost in the shell” (263 million roubles). The result in case anyone remembers, did not reach half a billion.

Other newcomers this week — the domestic Comedy “Life ahead” and Vialichka romance “the mountain Between us” — failed to take advantage of the weakness of the leader, predictably lifting from the floor a million and half a million dollars respectively.

And ended the intrigue of the weekend’s results drops the former leaders. “Crimea” is not critical for the genre has fallen in two and a half times (there are sometimes five times) to 75 million, total current polytope of the movie 275 Lam, so that three hundred film is now guaranteed in any case, and you can get all 350.

Finally “Kingsmen 2” were the main victims of the competition with a novice — they have fallen four times as much to 45 million, but current fees at 630 million rubles. still allowing you to repeat the removal of the body the result of the original 650 million.

The current week promises to hire mass starts, but they all somehow unprincipled — “Salyut-7” and “Made in America” — and the title of the locomotives rolled in to claim, in which the gross box office, most likely, again will return to a modest four hundred.

Watch for our announcements.

Russian box office: October 5-8, “blade Runner 2049” give up the slack 09.10.2017

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