Scorsese and ratings 12.10.2017

Who do not know, the ocean crisis. Hollywood for the third season in a row (and someone will say which year) does not produce anything worthwhile. In addition to mountains of comic books, nothing to see, the number of tickets sold is falling, but this year when I was consistently broken some record, and the only visible achievement is unilate named “It”, everything became so obvious even a big Hollywood bosses that started the search for the perpetrators. And they were immediately found, this, ladies and gentlemen, don’t laugh, the ratings of movies!

This thing has dragged on for some time, constantly come out with some shady studies that show that, look, between a rating of “rotten tomatos”, “Iamdave” and “Cinemaster” there is no correlation, and they, in turn, well, does not affect fees. It is important to note that this is true, and anybody knows that who ever they looked, and all three did not correlate neither with financial, nor with the artistic qualities of a specific film. So what, you ask, but what.

The other day Martin Scorsese dashed

Scorsese and ratings 12.10.2017

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