Skydance shields “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov 28.06.2017

Another attempt to film sci-Fi the epic novel of Isaac Asimov’sFoundation” is making the channel Skydance. More recognized as a non-existent film adaptation for Columbia Pictures under the guidance of Roland Emmerich and teleadapter for HBO and Warner Bros. Television with the participation of Jonathan Nolan.

The development of the current project is vested in David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman (“emerald city”, “Skull and bones”, “war of the worlds”).

Original issued initially in the form of eight short stories in “Astounding Magazine” in 1942, is a sophisticated epic Saga about people, settled on various planets in the Galaxy within a single Empire. The hero of the story, a psycho-historian Gary Seldon, is able to see into the future, sees the inevitable collapse of the Empire, and decides to take a number of actions that could help humanity survive the impending disaster.

The Saga was eventually published as a trilogy, which includes the book “Academy“, “Academy and Empire” and “Second Academy“.

Skydance shields “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov 28.06.2017

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