The “Curse” will be the third spin-off 16.06.2017

Director Kevin Smith, who promised us in may 2014 to start shooting “Clerks 3”; in the spring of 2015 confirmed that in the same year, will begin shooting the sequel to “party-goers from the supermarket” before “Clerks 3”, which he has already been moved to 2016, and in 2016, announced the series at the iconic picture of the 1984 “adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the eighth dimension” (“the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension”); and a year later, in 2017, pojaluista a screenshot of the title page of the script of the film “Jay and Silent Bob: Perezagruzka”, the shooting which was to begin this summer… Kevin Smith really makes the film, not related to any of the above listed projects.

The movie is called “there was a Killjoy” (“Killroy Was Here”), and this is a horror movie with a small budget born from one of the daily podcasts Smith. The shooting took place in Florida, with the participation of Ringling College of Art and Design and the company Semkhor Productions.

The phrase “Here was Kilroy” appeared in the English-speaking Western countries during the Second world war on graffiti depicting a big-nosed bald man. Smith says that the film will be the first part of a horror anthology. The key character is a classic monster, appearing in films such as “kaleidoscope of horrors” (“Creepshow”). According to the Director, KillRoy is a mixture of the Golem, the Boogeyman and the grim Reaper.
The script written by Smith and Andrew Mcelfresh.

The “Curse” will be the third spin-off

Another Ghost horror franchise James WAN’s “the Conjuring” will get a solo film. As we know, two of them — the doll Annabelle and the Nun already got their projects, and not even one. It is the turn to talk in detail about the monster from the second “Curse” Is the Hunchback, which first appeared in the family of a single mother Peggy Hodgson, quoting the nursery rhyme the mouth of the possessed girl Janet:

“There once was a Hunchback, humpback bridge. The Hunchback came and rang the bell, which was a hunchback. And immediately the soul of the Hunchback hunchback went to hell. Killed roach family hooked and laughing a laugh”.

The researchers of the paranormal ed and Lorraine Warren for the secret request of the Church are in the Northern part of London, Enfield, home terrorized by a Hunchback family. This story also helps them British specialist Maurice Grosse, one of the first freewheeling activity of evil spirit in the house Hodzhanov. The main roles in the film: Patrick Wilson (ed), Vera Farmiga (Lorraine), Frances O’connor (Peggy), Madison Wolfe (Janet) and Simon Macburnie (Maurice gross).

The hunchback” (“the Crooked Man”), like the aforementioned films, will become part of the same cinematic universe under the General title “the Materials of her Blood” (“the Warren Files”), which will tell about many cases of researchers. The script of “the Hunchback” writes newcomer Mike van veys on the original story by James WAN. Once it is ready, WAN and Peter SAFRAN, who plays the film’s producers, will provide for him Director.

11 Aug in rolling out the sequel to “the Curse Annabel” on creation of dolls, and in July 2018 planned release of “the Nuns”, who will talk about the investigation of a priest’s mysterious death of a nun.

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The “Curse” will be the third spin-off 16.06.2017

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