“The explosive blonde”: another Lie 28.07.2017

The explosive blonde” from the very beginning positioned itself as another “John Wick,” but instead of killers, spies, and instead of Keanu, Charlize. And that’s nothing. Formally similar movies in fact turned out to be much different, and to expect another “Wick” — to be doomed to disappointment.

Litch, second and for technical reasons neitrony the Director of the first “Wick”, trying to create a sense of dynamic fun movie, but the script pulls it in the opposite direction. Charlize role as an agent of MI-6 arrives in Berlin for a few days before the fall of the Wall, below, officially, to take the body of another dead agent, but remains in the city to find a classic macguffin — a List of All Agents who just need all the intelligence world. But at the same time it is necessary to calculate a double agent working for the British and the Russians.

Charlize, which was to hit the muzzle the entire duration, quickly bogged down in local politics. The movie barely starts, as all around turn into suspects, including even Macavoy. Interrogations go into flashbacks and back, constantly exchange glances with each other, hang microphones, say the password and a lot of talking special spy conversations — that is when you say one thing and mean another. As is usually the case, when questioning is the core of the script, the plot is not so much a display of how much retold, and not always consistently, often conflicting with what you see.

While “Blonde” is committed not only to compound the mess the gangster type stories of guy Ritchie, but also to the creation of a purely comic spy in the world. All of this so much, and to fit into two hours so it is necessary that the movie the result is always somewhere in a hurry. It looks like a Noir, talks like a Noir, and the logic has to be installed as Noir, that is viscous and thoughtfully. But it is cut like a “Hostage”.

But this is not the action and dialog a Thriller. For the most part look at how people quickly move from one location to another to exchange vague remarks. The big action sequences there is only one — when the main character need to get an informant from East Berlin, but not everything goes according to plan. The episode is fifteen minutes, if not more, and the type of shot on one plan (although in fact with a mass of artless gluing, of course). It had been one long series of fights and chases, where Charlize runs like a death machine, at the same time covered in a million bruises and abrasions. Looks like for her all the movie was conceived.

One dimensional fights with complex choreography, too, mostly in that one episode against the background of the second “Wick” — nothing. But Litch takes them no worse Stahelski.

It would not be a problem, but only the result of false expectations, if “Blonde” catches something else. As was the case with “Drive,” which is also sold as action, but over time the audience realized how to watch it.

And there is nothing to watch. Diverse and crazy this Berlin only. When in a key scene McAvoy shouting “I realized that I love Berlin!”, you don’t understand, because the city did not become a separate character, as, for example, it was Bruges in the famous film. He had to, but I didn’t. West Berlin is entirely neon room, and East Berlin, with its distinctive Soviet architecture, marble sterility and “Stalker” in theaters, showed quite a bit. But the Wall appears from all possible angles, at every opportunity.

The dialogue is nothing special, but empathy is only McAvoy, and sometimes, because to the end it is unclear which side he was on, what motivates them and whether the common man mind. But Theron, what’s broken, what’s all the movie holds a single expression of a human face without a heart, that still is not for her. Not solidity, to have Gary Oldman in “Tinker tailor soldier Spy”, just look at the camera and look great. It doesn’t look funny in anger, like Keanu Reeves. Not even the rage that was in Mad Max. Only very serious, Theron.

So intrigue is boring, no matter how well spun, and the final twists do not touch, although they really sudden, especially the latter. However, with time, when you start to build a real logic in the events, even the last scene seriously is shallow and “Blonde” all the more drawn to compare with the “Wick” and with “suicide Squad”. It would be better avenged a dog.

“The explosive blonde”: another Lie 28.07.2017

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