“The mummy”: Burying alive 09.06.2017

In the film, it seems there is nothing more unpredictable than a Hollywood blockbuster and especially his fate after the premiere. The context in which it is created and it turns out, is much more important than anything else, and double standards dominate as ever. Too many pitfalls. In these conditions, the major studios for some reason continue to dream about their own series, like marvel, although it’s always best to go back to single movies. Simply because then you do not have to throw out all the plans in the basket.

The mummy“is the second attempt by universal to create kynoselen monsters, which will include all the classic “hammerovsky” monsters — Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, the invisible Man and so on. First they wanted to do something, apparently, in the spirit of “Game of thrones” and now “the League of extraordinary gentlemen”. Russell Crowe in the role of Dr. Jekyll they see the Director of the secret organization that fights evil in all its manifestations. “The mummy” and some acquaintance with him. A two-hour prologue and introduction — exactly what was the “Batman vs. Superman” for the “justice League”.

All the matter in the right attitude. New “the Mummy” — the pilot, and the only way you have to treat it. This is no secret, but on the contrary — the whole advertising campaign was saying (but apparently in vain). Welcome, the beginning of a new, “dark” kynoselen. “Universal” is configured on the project as ever, and resolutely walks road of the Girl in all senses. To invite Tom cruise in such a venture — a move even more fantastic than to make Ben Affleck Batman, because, let’s face it, Cruz is the latest Hollywood movie star in the classic sense, he’s got nobody.

It is clear that Cruz probably went a third of the budget. On this hint, and the modesty of the film: there is a slightly falling aircraft destroyed and a little bit London, but all at a scale inferior to any modern kinokamera. But Cruz is worth the money, because dedicated works anywhere — and “Mummy” too.

Here he is the spitting image of Nathan Drake, and even it is a pity that this is not a film adaptation of “Uncharted”. Not a very noble treasure hunter is becoming the most desired man for the mummified Pharaoh’s daughter and at the same time chosen vessel for the God of death.

Cruz is expected makes the character more interesting, than there is in the script — just because of its comedic talent. Rest — girl archaeologist, a ghostly friend, and even a little Jekyll — humoring him, while maintaining a dramatic person. “The mummy” tries to be charming and emotionally complex film and adventurous, and scary, and funny, and romantic, and tragic. Of course, some things are revealed better, but some is simply not enough time. But best of all: this movie is able to choose the right moment for jokes, and jokes in itself is neat, appropriate, in a sense, old-fashioned — not like “Guardians of the galaxy 2” or the new “Pirates”, where jokes are not exchanged, and talked.

The plot, however, hackneyed and even a little vulgar, given how he’s similar to all the stories about Egyptian gods and mummies, including a “suicide Squad”. But its better than doing extraneous things. It was almost the first blockbuster in a very long time, where the villain is compassion. Be called a villain. And dialogues — never have, natural, and not as in “Wonder woman” where or inspirational slogans, or imitation of the speech of the robots. And Cruz and Wallis together is no worse than any of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in “romancing the stone”. Here I can say the Cruz that “I wish they had more”, but on the other hand, better a bird in hand.

Of course, “the Mummy”, as any pilot who cares more about the future. Gives promises and tries to show itself too widely. For example, it unexpectedly goes from adventure to urban fantasy and back. Sometimes unbanal: Egyptian mummy chasing cruise on unfamiliar to her, pure Gothic locations. In the end you want to get ten more of these films. Right now. For any money.

The problem is that in cinemas these things are not rolled. “Marvel,” “transformers” and “Star wars” in security only because they started first. Today we need to hang the logo “Netflix” and release several episodes. If “the Mummy” exactly in the same form and went straight to torrents streaming channels Internet another six months would depart, as from “Westworld” or “Odd cases”. We would have tired of Mamatov on “Looked at another girl punched in the face” or something like that. But, unfortunately, all that can be done now for “the Mummy”, which the Western press has crushed with the same force that “Batman vs. Superman” — is by stop using double standards.

“The mummy”: Burying alive 09.06.2017

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