“The purge 3” For stability 30.07.2016

Apparently, the first film, where Ethan hawke played one of his worst roles, was still a mistake. It turned out that the author was enough to bring the heroes out of tight spaces on the street, change the genre, from slasher to Thriller, and the main role is to take harizmatika Frank Grillo — and once the series was the face, voice and soul. Not to say that they are worth a lot, but the second series in a row it’s not embarrassing to watch and even love.

In the third part of anything did not change. Survivors Grillo now runs a bodyguard for the only presidential candidate who wants to abolish the annual purge, but purge, he is again on the street and forced to wander among psychopaths and soldiers. Only in a different company and under relevant conversations about the upcoming elections, which for the sake of the common good must defeat a sensible woman, and not sick in the head man.

Thank you for the author and I could really direct allusions and remained within the ironic mockery of the American characters. In front of the Lincoln statue write with blood “cleansing”, the government order is carried out by mercenaries with a swastika and the American flag on the shaven head, and go on the roads maniacs in the costumes of the presidents and the statue of Liberty. In the process occur, and small gaps of templates in the form of bloody sacrifice in the churches, killer priest and a nurse with a shotgun, shooting the Chav in the face from a distance of one meter. While Grillo and the Senator herself, but only traveling from one shelter to another, from trap to trap, the concept continues to expand with details, but not so much the kind of madness as in the second part, how many jokes about the fact that death is death, and to capitalize on it, too.

The streets are touring the cleaners offering to clean your house from the dead” to the country tourists come murderers, insurance companies throw on the loot and so on — it seems that the author is not tired to be creative and can pull another movie. What is really nice, and if only, first, without going bust (in the third film, sometimes on the edge), and secondly again with Grillo. That, despite lowest, looks convincing anyone of the modern action hero, but still removed anywhere, on the sidelines, and “the purge” somehow corrects this injustice.

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“The purge 3” For stability 30.07.2016

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