“Very strange case” update 17.06.2017

Shawn levy, Director and producer of the mystical series from NetflixVery strange things“working together with the authors of the project Matt and Ross Zafferani mounting of the footage, expressed some thoughts about the second season.

As we remember from his previous promises, the sequel will be much darker in the first season, and now Levi confirms this. In addition, the English-speaking Internet fan forums rose a real storm regarding the fate of the abducted monster high school girls barb — plump and ugly girlfriend Nancy Wheeler. The fans demand to return the girl, since will returned. Moreover, it asked the Director and many celebrities, whom he meets at events. However, levy is adamant:

“We are not going to go on about the fans and will not refund the dead girl just because she’s the toast of the Internet. What we do in the second season, will not disappoint our fans. We’re not going to cowardly to serve their wish list, but we will try to tell the story right.”

He also added that in the town of Hawkins, where the start of the strange events in the first season, will come terrible times and people will be in even more danger. But despite all the gloom, in the sequel to “more heart”.

Let us remind the reader that the claimed season nine series. The events take place in 1984, a year later than the first of the season. In the center of the plot — adventures of teenagers and the secrets of the mysterious lab of the Ministry of energy. In addition, history will be enriched by four new members, other city and new driving forces. All survived to the final characters will be back.

From the point of view of costs and of the movies season 2 is much more ambitious. His show will be on Netflix on October 31.

“Very strange case” update 17.06.2017

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