Videos loose: “Game of thrones”, “the Legend of the Kolowrat”, “the Perfect voice 3” 26.06.2017

While in theaters some blockbusters we blockbusters only in the series. Here in the new commercial for “Game of thrones” promises to finally slaughter the dragons.

The rest is modest genre movie. Mark Webb after “spider-Man” continues to find himself, and this time decimated by woody Allen in “the Only living boy in new York“. The fire-Valdau continues to star in bee movie, this time in the role of a crime boss in the drama “a shot in the void“. And Ellen page starred in bee movie, probably because nowhere else do not take her “the Flatliners” now look boring and weak.

Arrived unnecessary sequels to “the Perfect voice 3” and “Hello, dad, New year 2“. Horror about a shark “Blue abyss” does a trailer is not impressive, but some way it became a hit in American theaters. Similarly, while not impressive the movie a biographical film about the Creator of Winnie-the-Pooh “goodbye, Christopher Robin“. Likely to be standard for the genre movie, predictable and sweet and snotty.

But there are also premieres with the claim. Bearded Radcliffe struggles to survive in “the Jungle“. Lily Collins plays an anorexic in “To the bone” and in the course of the film finds a reason to live. The same deals Jake Gyllenhaal in “Stronger” — here he portrays a disabled person after an explosion at the Boston marathon. Well, suddenly the reincarnation of Alison brie in the series “Shine” about women’s wrestling in the ‘ 80s.

Well, Karen Oganesyan was removed, it seems a decent age Comedy “Life ahead“. Interestingly, Gooseberry, Gooseberry actors, but without the Gooseberry in the credits — master withdrew his name.

Fresh trailers from local would-be romance of “Matilde“, a social drama Kathryn BigelowDetroit“, a romantic Comedy with Witherspoonback home“spy action “American murderer“, horror film “Annabelle 2” monstrous fantasy “the Legend of the Kolowrat“, that wants to be the new “300”, but can’t.

New videos about creating “the Dark tower” by Stephen king and “Despicable me 3“. Excerpts — drama “Windy river” and Comedy “the House“. TVC — war drama “Dunkirkby Christopher Nolan.

Videos loose: “Game of thrones”, “the Legend of the Kolowrat”, “the Perfect voice 3” 26.06.2017

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