World premieres Arrhythmia

The premiere of the film “Arrhythmia“.

Oleg is a talented doctor working on an ambulance, which rushes from patient to patient. Oleg knows that his arrival may change everything. Each success makes the world a better place. The most important thing — where he tries to do the impossible. And the rest can wait: family, career, your own life… What happened to her? While Oleg has saved others, the wife despaired and decided to file for divorce, but the hospital has a new head who cares only about stats and rules. And Oleg all in a hurry from call to call, rushing down the street to change all of that. And who knows what the task is easier: to save others or save yourself? (…)

Release date: 2017-10-12

Distributors: Prosklad

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World premieres Arrhythmia

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