World premieres Dead

The premiere of the film “Dead man“.

After his parents died young accountant William Blake in the hope of finding a job arrives to the Wild West, where an evil chance on his head is assigned a reward of $ 500. Wounded in the chest near the heart, he nursed an Indian, who for many years carried on the cities of America and England as a living exhibit. He took this young man in the glasses for the poet William Blake, whose poems were engraved on the heart of the “savage”, and became his guardian angel. And ward, having lost his glasses, he suddenly began to shoot without missing, increasing the cost of your head, leaving a trail of corpses of persons, eager for rewards, and closer to “the place where they come from and where all the spirits come back”… (…)

Release date: 2017-07-27

Distributors: Cinema Prestige

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World premieres Dead

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