World premieres Education and dogs and men

The premiere of the film “Education and dogs and men“.

Sonia is a talented vet. Her credo: the more I know men the more I like dogs, in that in personal relationships – is closed, it is fastened “on all buttons”. Sonia with the scandal dismissed from the veterinary clinic. Now she earns walking dogs and helping animal shelter. Tom, a charming mazhoristy dolt, sports star. Recovering from a sports injury and trying to pass the standards, but it did not work. The fact that Artem “fog on the shore” very glad his “eternal bride” Julia. She hopes that now he finally marries her. And Artem temper gives her a puppy that she was at least someone to take care of. Julia gets upset and goes to live with her father, and Artem forced himself to mess with the dog on a walk and an acquaintance with Sonia (…)

Release date: 2017-10-06


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World premieres Education and dogs and men

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