World premieres Purely Moscow murder

The premiere of the film “Purely Moscow murder“.

The owner of a chain of elite beauty salons Ekaterina Vlasova, a woman with a very bad temper. She is headstrong, cynical, and extremely stubborn. Due to these properties it has created from scratch its “Empire” – and old ideas about the border between good and evil, help it to thrive. But life in the capital is forcing Catherine to Express themselves in a new role now, with his trademark stubbornness, she reveals criminal intent and criminal intrigue. Even the investigator Shilov, at first, made no secret of his antipathy to “the ubiquitous old woman”, forced to admit her talent for deduction. In order to successfully catch criminals, Catherine needs to keep pace with the times, and persistently develops new technology and gadgets… (…)

Release date: 2017-10-08


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World premieres Purely Moscow murder

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