World premieres Still

The premiere of the film “still“.

After his wife’s death the father of four children, Peter Gusarov lives in the house Tiffany on the mouth. All his life he wanted to exalt, to become the master of the house, which he built. Want to get a small post at the river port, where he now works as a loader to even at the end of life to be the chief. Peter is a hardworking man, but drunkenness. The day comes and his youngest daughter get married into a family of businessmen, shipowners, members of the Board of Directors of the port. Pete was granted the position of Deputy chief in the bin part. And here comes the wedding, but the bride gets from the wedding, passing through the girlfriend, that this marriage was a mistake. Pete fired not only from the position of Deputy warehouse, and even of the porters. He becomes unemployed and begins to drink more and quite offended by destiny. Now he wants the house he inherited. But on the way to the household is mother-in-law. And then one day she disappears without a trace. (…)

Release date: 2017-09-30


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World premieres Still

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