“X-men: New mutants”, update 30.06.2017

Rosario Dawson did not become a part of the acting team kinokomiksa “X-Men: New mutants“. It will be replaced by the Brazilian Alice Braga (“I am legend”, “Ripper”, “Elysium”). The actress will play Dr. mutant Cecilia Reyes, has the power protoplasmatologia force field used to generate protoplasmic weapons. It can also create a protective bio-region. For teenagers Reyes will be the mentor.

The picture also stars: Maisie Williams (“Game of thrones”), Anya Taylor-joy, Charlie Heaton (“Very strange things”), blue hunt (“Ancient”) and Henry Zaga.

The film tells about mutant teenagers who create a single team.

Taylor-joy has got the role of a mutant sorceress spells with the teleportation ability. The real name of the Russian girl — Il’yana Rasputin. Maisie Williams will play the Wolf, the girl from Scotland named Raine Sinclair can turn into a female wolf. Charlie Heaton will play Cannonball/ Samuel Guthrie with the ability to fly at high speeds, and, in flight, the mutant has the superhuman strength and it is difficult to stop. Heroine hunt blue Mirage/Danielle Munstar, a telepath, can create illusions, psionic arrows, and to telepathically communicate with animals. For some time he taught at the Xavier Institute.
Henry Zaga will play a mutant named Sanspot/Roberto da Costa, energy-absorbing, supplying his superhuman power and energy flows, which he can use as a weapon.

Shooting will start in July under the direction of Josh Boone, and with the support of the film company 20th Century Fox. According to the Director, it will be much more grim story inspired by comics of the 1980-ies with a surreal flavor. Film release is planned for April 13, 2018. The age rating of the movie PG-13.

“X-men: New mutants”, update 30.06.2017

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